Equipment Maintenance and Service

At Precision Scrap Handling Systems, Inc., our goal is to partner with you to prevent costly equipment breakdowns and keep your equipment running smoothly. Our professional service of your equipment will increase longevity and save you money in the long run.

To keep your operations running properly, we evaluate your maintenance requirements and perform the required maintenance for you. By allowing our experts to perform the work, you receive the advantage of an experienced professional maintaining your equipment. You also protect your employees from working in unfamiliar locations, as required for air system service.

We offer the expertise for a full line of recycling equipment maintenance and service, including:

  • Equipment maintenance and lubrication: Our experts know your recycling equipment inside and out. We apply years of experience to ensure the proper maintenance of your systems. Each part is essential to your operations, and we will make sure they all receive the attention they require for continued smooth operations. Our professional maintenance includes:

Precision Scrap Handling Systems, Inc. is your premier source for comprehensive recycling equipment maintenance. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our professional services keep your operations flowing and save money to boost your bottom line.

Contact our professionals today with all your recycling equipment maintenance and service needs. Experts are available at 909-629-2231 to answer questions or schedule your next appointment.